Our Human Resources policy is designed to employ individuals who are professionally-competent, aligned with our corporate values, keeping pace with change, at peace with themselves and with others, versatile, eager to develop themselves, motivated, enthusiastic and curious and to provide them with the necessary resources and a workplace to ensure that they are happy, efficient and creative employees.

Our Human Resources Team


At Fetih Textile;

  • Putting respect for people at the center,
  • Establishing the people management approach on trust,
  • Designs lifelong and sustainable learning tools,
  • Establishing a working environment that will keep the uniting team spirit alive,
  • Carrying out all processes with an equitable and transparent understanding,
  • Creating an exemplary culture of cooperation with motivated and committed employees

There is a human resources management approach. Our values ​​that nourish this understanding and guide each Fetih guide us.


Fetih Tekstil Talent Management practices are based on the approach of strategically planning and monitoring the development of employees and effectively supporting the potential by analyzing it. Training and development programs based on competencies that play a role in measuring potential are designed and implemented.

In order to determine the possible roles that the employee can be positioned in the future, development planning is made in accordance with the potential of the employee and Backup Plans are created for critical and managerial roles in Fetih Tekstil.

Fetih Tekstil human resources practices are implemented believing that every employee has a talent and that talents will make a difference.